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Private Power Pole Installation

Our electricians can install a private power pole on your property, providing reliable and safe electricity for your home or business.



We can connect your home or business to the electricity grid, ensuring a safe and reliable supply of electricity.



We can disconnect your property from the electricity grid if you need to make changes or repairs to your electrical system.


Underground Power Supply

We specialise in installing and maintaining underground power supplies,, ensuring that your electricity supply is safe and reliable.


Electrical Defect Repair

Our electricians are trained to identify and repair electrical defects in your home or business, ensuring that your electrical system is safe and functioning properly.


Green Box Installation

We can supply and install green electricity pillars for your underground cables and connections. Providing safe and reliable electricity for your home or business.


Locate Electrical Service

Our electricians can locate your electrical service and provide expert advice on the best way to connect your home or business to the electricity grid.

Service & Sub Mains

We can supply and install your Service Mains, Consumer Mains and Sub mains from the street to your site. Ensuring your electricity.



Engineering plans and reports are essential for successful electrical installations. Call us to assist with your electrical engineering requirements, ensuring that your electricity supply is safe, reliable and efficient.


Smart Meter Installation

We can install smart meters, which provide real-time information on your electricity usage and help you save money on your energy bills.


Temporary Site Power

We can provide temporary site power for construction sites, events, and other temporary locations, ensuring that your electricity supply is safe and reliable.

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About Us & Why You Can
Trust Us To Keep The Power On

At our company, we specialize in bringing order to chaos when it comes to electrical services. Our team is committed to providing fast and friendly level 2 electrical services throughout Sydney. We know that electricity is an essential service, and we’re here to help when our customers need it the most. Whether you need a new connection or a repair for a broken one, you can count on us to deliver quality service at a fair price. Trust us to handle your electrical needs with expertise and care.

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Level 2 Electrician: The Most Trustworthy Power Services in Auburn, Sydney

Need the best electrical services close to Auburn, Sydney? Thanks to Level 2 Electrician ASP, you will be able to keep the lights on and all appliances running at home or work. We understand the importance of electricity in modern times. That’s why we are always dedicated to offering high-quality electrician services for our customers.

Reasons to Trust Level 2 Electrician

You might need electrical services from time to time for setting up a new connection, residential electrical wiring, or fixing a broken one. Whenever you are looking for electrical services near me, we will always be at your service and solve your issues in no time. But wondering why you should trust us? Here are the top reasons for you:


Highly Experienced

We are a highly experienced firm offering electrical services for decades now. Our clients have complete trust in us. We have time and again proved that we are dedicated to serving our clients. From smart meter installation to energy meter installation, our experts can help you with everything.


Emergency Electrical Services

Electrical emergencies can occur at any time. Our electrical contractors are always prepared to offer emergency electrical services. They have complete safety and security training to handle electrical services.


Caters to Multiple Industries

Whether you need residential or commercial electrical services, we will always come to your rescue. Our industrial electrician offers electrical services in multiple industries, including healthcare, IT, manufacturing, and more.


Affordable Services

If you want high-quality services at a reasonable rate, you won’t have to go further than us. Whether you need an electrical meter tester or any other service, we have a completely transparent pricing policy. We add no hidden charges on our services.

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